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    Bringing society into the new business model

    Seventy per cent of Fortune 500 companies have offices in Tianjin, according to the mayor of Tianjin. My first visit to Tianjin has been enlightening in many ways. The ride from the airport to my hotel gave a glimpse of a city adapting to growth and creating its own niche in architecture, design… more
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    Catch-up: Annual Meeting of New Champions 2012

    Follow the discussions and debates from the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, transmitted via the web directly from Tianjin, China. Note: the time table below uses China Standard Time (CST) Tuesday 11 September 2012 9:00 - 10:00 (CST) Forum Debate: Demystifying Asia's Entrepreneurs Ar… more
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    Energy for Society: rebuilding the “circle of trust”

    In the wake of the recent economic crises, it is easy to forget that hundreds of millions of people around the world enjoy a better standard of living today due to the economic progress of the past few decades. This is especially true in the emerging economies, where globalisation and the opening… more
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    World Economic Forum launches Energy for Society Initiative

    Energy is the backbone of a modern economy. Healthcare, education, access to jobs all depend on it. Yet, we live in a world where an estimated 1.3 billion people still have no access to electricity. It is no scoop that energy industry – society relations need to be improved substantially. To meet… more
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    Is energy prepared for the future?

    In Britain we talk of balancing the ‘energy trilemma’ – securing supply, ensuring sustainability and maintaining affordability. Meeting these challenges will require significant change and, importantly, an honest dialogue between industry, government and consumers. At Centrica we believe… more
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    Education, entrepreneurship and energy – the three “E”s to job creation in...

    Tunisia was once seen as a place to do business in the Arab World. According to the World Bank, between 1990 and 2010 the country’s GDP rose sharply from US$12 billion to US$ 42 billion. Despite such impressive stats, a big part of the story has been missing. Prior to the Arab Spring and up… more
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    Energy across borders

    Is it possible to raise living standards and alleviate poverty without increasing energy consumption? That’s the burning question. The International Energy Agency argues that without a significant change in our energy use the world will experience global warming of up to 5°C within this… more
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    Finding a solution for Africa’s energy gap

    In advance of the World Economic Forum on Africa, Sameer Hajee, CEO of Nuru Energy, discusses the need for a new approach to energy poverty. The world is finally starting to realize that if we don’t address energy poverty, we are going to fail in our efforts to achieve the Millennium… more
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    5 ways to encourage a clean energy economy

    In a series of posts related to the World Economic Forum’s New Energy Architecture report, Roberto Bocca, Head of Energy Industries at the World Economic Forum, sets out five recommendations on how to encourage the transition to a global clean energy economy. You can also read all of our… more
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    Difficult choices: Energy transition needs pragmatism

    In a series of posts related to to the World Economic Forum’s New Energy Architecture report, Simon Henry, Chief Financial Officer of Royal Dutch Shell calls for pragmatism as a guiding principle in the transition to a New Energy Architecture. Read the Japanese Case study related to this report… more
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    New frontiers: optogenetics

    ‘I hope to peak your curiosity with a vision of how we might enhance brain function as we know it, and possibly change our sense of self.’ - I-han Chou By inserting genes into brain cells, causing them to express light sensitive proteins, specific neuronal activity can be switched on and off… more
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    Japan’s energy challenge: from sustainability to survivability

    In a series of posts related to to the World Economic Forum’s New Energy Architecture report, Professor Tatsuo Masuda of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business explains Japan's need for a shift in its approach to sustainable energy. Read the Japanese Case study related to this report here… more