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    How can industry save energy?

    Research commissioned by ABB has confirmed that energy efficiency remains a high priority for industry executives. Of more than 300 surveyed in the manufacturing and power sectors by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), almost all said energy efficiency would remain a crucial success factor for… more
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    How should we prepare for the future of energy?

    As the global energy landscape undergoes massive transformations, it should look to Germany’s Energiewende, or energy market transition, to provide a secure, sustainable and affordable energy supply for everyone. We need to acknowledge that electricity supply is one of the biggest global… more
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    Davos briefing: Meeting society’s new expectations

    Modern societies need better leadership. Around the world, people are clamouring for a more effective, open and honest management of public affairs.   As change accelerates, the need to coordinate human efforts grows steadily more pressing. “The world’s quest for dignity, peace, prosperity… more
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    Five facts about the world’s energy use

    The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2014, released this week, aims to support the transition to more affordable, sustainable and secure energy systems around the world. Its principal tool is the Energy Architecture Performance Index (EAPI), which measures the performance of… more
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    Top 10 countries best prepared for the future of energy

    The Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2014, released this week, ranks the energy systems of 124 countries from three perspectives: economic growth and development; environmental sustainability; and energy access and security. We call these three perspectives the “energy… more
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    Solving the growing network energy gap

    Communications traffic is growing at an exponential rate as more consumers use smartphones, tablets and PCs to connect to the Internet. A growing number of other devices and machines are also connected, including TVs, refrigerators, cars and thermostats – the so-called Internet of Things… more
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    The new climate economics

    In its latest comprehensive assessment of the evidence on global warming, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will show that the world’s climate scientists are more certain than ever that human activity – largely combustion of fossil fuels – is causing temperatures… more
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    The future of India’s rural energy is off the grid

    More than 1 billion people have yet to switch on a light bulb. Commercially viable solutions to address this enormous problem exist and they all rely on the decentralization of energy delivery and supply. The centralized grid-based approach to bring power into homes has been, by and large, a… more
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    Time to get serious about the energy crisis

    The massive challenge of achieving universal access to energy recently received two major boosts that have raised the issue further on the international development agenda. In late June, US President Barack Obama announced his Power Africa initiative, which pledged US$ 7 billion to “double… more
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    Helping Myanmar meet its energy needs

    With decades of international isolation over, Myanmar is today poised for a period of rapid growth. Energy needs to be at the heart of this transformation – creating new jobs, new wealth, attracting foreign investment and fuelling institutions, businesses and homes across the country. Access to… more
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    Getting the energy balance in Myanmar right

    Myanmar’s re-emergence into the global economy presents policy-makers with a series of fundamental dilemmas. As reforms are put into place, foreign investors and international energy companies are keen to capitalize on Myanmar’s abundant reserves of oil and natural gas. While the attention… more
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    Developing Myanmar’s energy sector

    Myanmar is on the brink of a long transformation as it re-enters the global economic system. Developing and reforming the energy sector will be paramount to a prosperous economic future for the country. This will require the government, business and other stakeholders to collaborate on solutions… more