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    Can we deliver on the promise of energy efficiency?

    In a series of blog posts curated by the World Economic Forum’s Climate Change Initiatives, a number of leading voices will present their perspectives on climate change. Contributions are linked to the Forum’s Green Growth Action Alliance project and the Forum’s Global Agenda Council on… more
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    Energy 2050: What does it take for reality to meet aspirations?

    Plans for the future energy system for the world must be connected to a vision of how people hope to live in 2050. That will happen only through significant changes in the way energy is generated, transported and enjoyed. So far, however, the world is not on the road to those changes, or to that… more
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    Balancing energy security and climate change

    Rapid economic growth in countries like China and India requires sufficient and cheap energy to ensure energy security. However, large incremental energy demand in these countries makes emissions reduction more difficult and costly. In fact, the economic structure of developing countries – with… more
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    Can we achieve sustainable energy by 2030?

    The World Economic Forum’s Energy for Society initiative places secure and affordable energy access as the first of its five principles of which leading energy companies commit to deliver in order to meet the needs of a growing world population. Can we, however, go one step further and achieve… more
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    Can Russia help China get clean energy?

    As one of the first 20 signatories to the Forum’s Energy for Society Initiative, I know and understand only too well the challenges facing global energy providers. I believe one of the biggest challenges right now and over the next few decades will be to provide secure and affordable access to… more
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    Can we become ‘energy literate’?

    For me, energy literacy means having a debate on energy that’s based on solid data and an understanding of what is possible and realistic as the world strives to build a more sustainable energy future. Choosing the right energy pathway is complex because energy, water and land are intertwined… more
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    Bringing society into the new business model

    Seventy per cent of Fortune 500 companies have offices in Tianjin, according to the mayor of Tianjin. My first visit to Tianjin has been enlightening in many ways. The ride from the airport to my hotel gave a glimpse of a city adapting to growth and creating its own niche in architecture, design… more
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    Catch-up: Annual Meeting of New Champions 2012

    Follow the discussions and debates from the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, transmitted via the web directly from Tianjin, China. Note: the time table below uses China Standard Time (CST) Tuesday 11 September 2012 9:00 - 10:00 (CST) Forum Debate: Demystifying Asia's Entrepreneurs Ar… more
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    Energy for Society: rebuilding the “circle of trust”

    In the wake of the recent economic crises, it is easy to forget that hundreds of millions of people around the world enjoy a better standard of living today due to the economic progress of the past few decades. This is especially true in the emerging economies, where globalisation and the opening… more
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    World Economic Forum launches Energy for Society Initiative

    Energy is the backbone of a modern economy. Healthcare, education, access to jobs all depend on it. Yet, we live in a world where an estimated 1.3 billion people still have no access to electricity. It is no scoop that energy industry – society relations need to be improved substantially. To meet… more
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    Is energy prepared for the future?

    In Britain we talk of balancing the ‘energy trilemma’ – securing supply, ensuring sustainability and maintaining affordability. Meeting these challenges will require significant change and, importantly, an honest dialogue between industry, government and consumers. At Centrica we believe… more
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    Education, entrepreneurship and energy – the three “E”s to job creation in...

    Tunisia was once seen as a place to do business in the Arab World. According to the World Bank, between 1990 and 2010 the country’s GDP rose sharply from US$12 billion to US$ 42 billion. Despite such impressive stats, a big part of the story has been missing. Prior to the Arab Spring and up… more