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    Can Medina become a ‘city of knowledge’?

    Can an ancient religious city as sacred and unique as Medina rebrand itself as a “knowledge economic city”… more

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    How Buenos Aires plans to become a modern city

    Buenos Aires, the second largest city in South America, is a metropolis of more than 12 million people, comprising the… more

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    Video: How cities can benefit from urbanization

    Countries around the world need to devolve power to cities and be more open to foreigners if they are to benefit from… more

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    Are we failing the world’s indigenous people?

    “Let us recognize and celebrate the valuable and distinctive identities of indigenous peoples around the world,”… more

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    Six megatrends that will shape the future of cities

    The coming decades will see the next wave of mass migration to cities, especially in Asia and Africa.  Megacities are… more

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    What causes persistently high unemployment?

    For the five years from December 2008 to November 2013, the US unemployment rate remained above 7%, peaking at 10% in… more

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    Why we should worry about nuclear security

    Nobody would dispute the danger inherent in possessing nuclear assets. But that danger becomes far more acute in a… more

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    Are ageing populations actually good news?

    Is a shrinking population always a bad thing? Judging by the lamentations of some economists and policy-makers in the… more

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    Why secessionism is on the rise in Europe

    Throughout the course of history, there are few regions in the world whose map has changed as frequently and abruptly… more

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    How bikes and buses helped Bogotá go green

    In Bogotá, traffic congestion became so severe that a simple commute could take hours and the air was polluted to… more

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    What makes Leipzig Germany’s most liveable city?

    Although having a population of only 530,000 people, Leipzig has leapt from economic stagnation to the forefront of… more

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    Why Africa needs a data revolution

    Since the term “data revolution” was introduced, there has been a flurry of activity to define, develop, and… more