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  • Technology Pioneers

    Introducing the 2014 Technology Pioneers

    “With disruptive technologies, it’s often the case that the killer app turns out to be one that’s not even conceived of when the technology is first developed.” That’s a quote from Gerald E. Loeb, chief executive officer of SynTouch, one of the 36 innovative technology start-ups named… more
  • Technology Pioneers

    What pioneering technology tells us about the 21st century

    What does the Firefox web browser, which you might use on your own computer, have in common with the AlloMap blood test, which can help cardiologists determine whether a patient is rejecting a transplanted heart? The answer is that both, in their own way, at the cutting edge of technology. Both are… more
  • Young Global Leaders

    What next for Abenomics?

    It is no wonder that Japan is cautious about the promises of Abenomics. At a retail level, ordinary people have held deflationary expectations for years, while at a professional level, fund managers and corporations have seen unstable governments come and go. While there is consensus on the… more
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    The battle for water

    The sharpening international geopolitical competition over natural resources has turned some strategic resources into engines of power struggle. Transnational water resources have become an especially active source of competition and conflict, triggering a dam-building race and prompting growing… more
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    Could trade be the saviour of solar power?

    On 27 July negotiators reached a compromise settlement in the world’s largest anti-dumping dispute, regarding Chinese exports of solar panels to the EU. China agreed to constrain its exports to a minimum price and a maximum quantity. The solution is restrictive relative to the six-year trend of… more
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    Dethroning king coal

    Earlier this year, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million (ppm). The last time there was that much CO2 in our atmosphere was three million years ago, when sea levels were 24 meters higher than they are today. Now sea levels are rising again. Last… more
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    Abenomics’ third arrow

    Japan’s prolonged political anni horribiles – spanning more than half a decade – has ended. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won a decisive victory in elections to the upper house of parliament held on July 21, bringing to an end the indecisive politics caused by the lack of an effective… more
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    Finding the right economic reform strategy for Europe

    Together with fiscal consolidation, structural reform is the new European mantra. International organizations and European Union bodies regard such reform as a prerequisite of economic recovery, growth, and alleviation of the unemployment plague. Indeed, the agreement reached between the Greek… more
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    How can NGOs stay ahead of the game?

    It has long been clear that many non-state actors have more influence on international policymaking than a great many sovereign states. No one doubts the impact that major multinational corporations and terrorist organizations can have, for better or worse. But the role of a number of international… more
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    Is China finally losing patience with North Korea?

    When US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping met for their “shirt-sleeves summit” in California last month, North Korea was a major topic of conversation. The subject was not new, but the tone was. More than two decades ago, the International Atomic Energy Agency caught… more
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    How to fit 10 billion people on one planet

    Earth is home to millions of species. Just one dominates it. Us. As we continue to grow towards a global population of 10 billion, we are facing an unprecedented planetary emergency, writes Stephen Emmott in an edited extract from his new book. There are now more than 7 billion of us on Earth… more
  • Global Agenda Councils

    Europe and the US exclude China at their peril

    The proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a bad idea, especially in its timing. Why is it a bad idea? We all know that the world has undergone its most profound transformation in at least two centuries, arguably more. The world economy has been transformed from the… more