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    What’s the future for manufacturing?

    As someone who teaches policies of competitiveness and chairs the Global Agenda Council on Advanced Manufacturing, I often get asked to explain the difference between manufacturing and advanced manufacturing. Most people think the difference is more sophisticated manufacturing technologies. But… more
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    Does absentee America pose a threat to the world?

    The Summit on the Global Agenda always kicks off with buzzing brains, clustered around their respective areas of discussion (from population growth to space security). Around each table, experts from business, academia, media and government bring together their best ideas and their collective… more
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    Would an app make you save for retirement?

    Every day, approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age. This means that with every sentence of this article you read, approximately one baby boomer is retiring.  Unfortunately, the evidence suggests that many Boomers haven’t saved nearly enough to actually retire. The numbers are… more
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    What is America’s future role in the world?

    By most reasonable measures, reports of America’s declining power relative to the rest of the world have consistently proved premature. The American economy increasingly seems to be on an upswing. The United States remains among the world’s safest and most attractive investments. The shale gas… more
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    Can entrepreneurship save Europe’s youth?

    The world economy is slowly limping back to form after a few torrid years. In Europe, however, the picture is more sobering: unemployment remains stubbornly high (at 12% across the Eurozone as recently as August, according to Eurostat), while in October, the Red Cross shared the shocking discovery… more
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    Are you ready to make sacrifices for the climate?

    Over the past three to four years we’ve seen extreme weather events happening more frequently and more intensely in a growing number of countries. That is one reason why people have woken up to the very real threat of climate change. Climate change only comes fifth in the list of the top 10… more
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    The rise of Asia’s middle class

    The explosion of Asia’s middle class is stunning. The size of this group currently stands at 500 million and will mushroom to 1.75 billion by 2020 – more than a threefold increase in just seven years. The world has never seen anything like this before. And it’s little wonder that people… more
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    Megacities: slums or saviours of tomorrow?

    From global warming to homelessness, from debt crises to energy shortages, from insufficient water to outbreaks of disease, name any problem that concerns humanity and the city is the hub where you will find it bubbling away. But cities also represent the best hope for finding solutions to… more
  • Women Leaders & Gender Parity

    Why women must fix our workaholic culture

    Arianna Huffington argues women can lead the way into a more compassionate, more sustainable future. Since launching our Third Metric campaign — to redefine success beyond the first two metrics of money and power to include well-being, wisdom, and our ability to wonder and to give back —… more
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    How can Europe stay relevant?

    In the next 25 years, Europe’s share of the world population and global GDP is expected to fall considerably. Does that mean that a weakened Europe will fall prey to the rising powers of 2040? Given that Europe’s prospects are highly dependent on external factors, any speculation about its… more
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    Smarter thinking to keep our life-support system running

    Today is World Food Day, a day to focus on global food security. This year’s theme – Healthy People Depend on Healthy Food Systems – recognizes that food security is not an isolated issue. Instead, it emphasizes that food is part of a large and interconnected life-support system that includes… more
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    The battle over the US budget is the wrong fight

    This month Washington is consumed by the impasse over reopening the government and raising the debt limit. It seems likely that this episode, like the 1995-96 government shutdowns and the 2011 debt limit scare, will be remembered mainly by the people directly involved. But there is a chance future… more