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  • Strategic Partners

    Greener buildings are a business priority, not an option

    The expansion of multi-national businesses, demand for commodities and foreign direct investment are driving economic growth in Latin America. As a result, real estate investment opportunities are growing throughout many of the largest markets and cities in Latin American countries, and sustainabili… more
  • Global Agenda Councils

    Latin American businesses should value women more

    Despite the compelling body of evidence suggesting that investing in women’s economic empowerment is a sound business strategy, we have not yet reached the point at which the private sector embraces this concept fully; not globally and certainly not in my region, Latin America. Every day hundreds… more
  • Forum

    A risky outlook for the global economy

    In the last four weeks, I have traveled to Sofia, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, London, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Istanbul, and throughout the United States. As a result, the myriad challenges facing the global economy were never far away. In Europe, the tail risk of a eurozone… more
  • Forum

    Financing a more sustainable way of living

    The past few years have witnessed a series of catastrophic weather events – devastating floods, droughts, wildfires, heat waves and frigid winters – that make it clear that extreme weather is the “new normal”. These events come at a huge and rising cost to our global economic system at a… more
  • Young Global Leaders

    We've turned the whole world into a couch

    Escalators, cars, drive-thrus, desk jobs. In designing the modern world, it seems we unconsciously took out the act of movement to the extent that it’s now “normal” not to move. As a result, physical inactivity costs billions each year and is destroying our quality of life – it is now more… more
  • Technology Pioneers

    An innovative course for water

    Amir Peleg on how the water industry is lagging behind when it comes to adopting sophisticated technologies According to the Global Risks Report 2013, “water supply crises” was ranked second out of 50 in terms of impact. Only “major systemic financial failure” was placed higher, while… more
  • Social Entrepreneurs

    Social enterprise family continues to grow

    On Thursday, I will be taking part in a panel session on international development at the Social Enterprise Exchange in Glasgow – billed by the organizers as the “world’s biggest social enterprise event”. I am sure that it will be a stimulating discussion with plenty of audience participatio… more
  • Forum

    Asia and a post-American Middle East

    Yuriko Koike discusses China’s inevitable bid for greater influence in the Middle East When the consequences of the United States-led invasion of Iraq ten years ago are fully assessed, the importance of the subsequent rise of political Islam there – and throughout the wider Middle East – may… more
  • Young Global Leaders

    ASEAN’s rise in the global economy

    Ronald Mendoza, Young Global Leader, Class 2013, discusses why ASEAN’s success is due to collaboration and not competition I repatriated to the Philippines in late 2010, after 15 years working abroad on international economic development policy. The Asia I left behind in the mid-1990s was on… more
  • Forum

    Europe’s moment of truth

    Ann Mettler explains why it’s time for European leaders to speak the truth about the crisis “Nothing beats the truth.” These were the passionate words of Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland, when asked last week about the spring European Council on 14-15 March. He was talking about a… more
  • Social Entrepreneurs

    Educating South Sudanese students with MP3s

    Having recently emerged from nearly four decades of conflict in which two 2 million people were killed and four million displaced, everything in South Sudan needs to be built or rebuilt. As the world’s newest country, it also has the world’s lowest education indicators. Countries like South… more
  • Young Global Leaders

    Backcasting to the future

    The year was 2025. The place was the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos where 200 Young Global Leaders convened a Planetary Congress with the goal of “backcasting” to a more sustainable, equitable world. As ‘Keeper’ of this congress, I guided our backcasting, looking at… more