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    ‘Dull and old’ economies to lead global growth in 2014

    The good news is that global growth will accelerate in 2014, and the world economy will finally shrug off its two-year doldrums. The irony is that the new locomotives of growth will be the advanced economies –“the dull and the old” – including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany… more
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    Funding tomorrow’s infrastructure

    The question of how to build and finance the world’s physical infrastructure – upon which global economic progress depends – is top of mind for public and private sector leaders in Davos this week. For several years now, the World Economic Forum has convened an impressive list of organizations… more
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    Don’t bet on coal and oil growth

    A mind-boggling sum of about US$ 800 for each person on the planet is invested into fossil fuel companies through the global capital markets alone. That’s roughly 10% of the total capital invested in listed companies. The amount of money invested into the 200 biggest fossil fuel companies through… more
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    Interview: The truth about our universe

    Guest editor Rafael Reif, President of MIT, writes: "This interview with MIT physicist (and Nobel laureate) Wolfgang Ketterle is very interesting reading about the high value of basic, curiosity-driven research. Without it, as Wolfgang says, 'we will have no new game-changing technologies for… more
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    How can we ensure food security for the future?

    Guest editor Rafael Reif, President of MIT, writes: "The World Economic Forum’s New Vision for Agriculture is an initiative meant to catalyze action around food security. This piece, by the CEOs of the two companies that co-chair the initiative’s project board, explains how they see this… more
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    Can India improve education for a billion young people?

    In harsh economic times, public attention is often focused on the short-term effects of cost-cutting, job losses and the drying up of investment. But such emphasis can obscure the bigger picture, leading to deeper damage to a country than the immediate effects of the crisis. The education sector… more
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    Five building blocks for the homes of the future

    How will we sustain 9 billion people in a resource-constrained world when everyone wants the good life? That large comfortable house filled with energy-guzzling gadgets, ideally a retreat from city life in a suburb, with a car parked outside. There just aren’t enough resources to go around – we… more
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    Lessons from the Amazon

    I was nine years old the first time I went on expedition, accompanying my grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau as he explored and filmed the Amazon. Each day his crew would take me on “child-approved adventures”. Since that trip, the Amazon is a place I hold very dear to my heart. With the… more
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    Reshaping the world economy through reform, opening up and cooperation

    As China celebrates its 35th year of participation in the Annual Meeting in Davos and looks ahead to the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014 in China, here is a special message from Premier Li Keqiang on the state of the Chinese economy. The Chinese version is available here. A new year marks… more
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    What is ‘Big History’?

    Big History studies the history of everything, offering a way of making sense of our world and our role within it. It starts with the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago. All the best scientific evidence today suggests our universe appeared as an incredibly dense, fantastically hot pinpoint of… more
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    How old is the perfect entrepreneur?

    How old do you think someone should be for the best chance at entrepreneurial success? If you said 20, or 22, or 25, you are not alone. It wasn’t that long ago that age signified wisdom. But in the last decade Silicon Valley routinely, even systematically, has overlooked the old in search… more
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    Davos briefing: Sustaining a world of 9 billion

    Sustainability demands more than “green” practices alone. The world population is growing by one person every 17 seconds and the United Nations says there will be 9.6 billion people in the world by 2050. So far, the gloomiest scenarios of resource depletion – such as the Club of Rome’s… more