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  • Young Global Leaders

    ASEAN’s rise in the global economy

    Ronald Mendoza, Young Global Leader, Class 2013, discusses why ASEAN’s success is due to collaboration and not competition I repatriated to the Philippines in late 2010, after 15 years working abroad on international economic development policy. The Asia I left behind in the mid-1990s was on… more
  • Forum

    Europe’s moment of truth

    Ann Mettler explains why it’s time for European leaders to speak the truth about the crisis “Nothing beats the truth.” These were the passionate words of Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland, when asked last week about the spring European Council on 14-15 March. He was talking about a… more
  • Social Entrepreneurs

    Educating South Sudanese students with MP3s

    Having recently emerged from nearly four decades of conflict in which two 2 million people were killed and four million displaced, everything in South Sudan needs to be built or rebuilt. As the world’s newest country, it also has the world’s lowest education indicators. Countries like South… more
  • Young Global Leaders

    Backcasting to the future

    The year was 2025. The place was the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos where 200 Young Global Leaders convened a Planetary Congress with the goal of “backcasting” to a more sustainable, equitable world. As ‘Keeper’ of this congress, I guided our backcasting, looking at… more
  • Forum

    Are we moving toward sustainable travelism?

    Geoffrey Lipman discusses how we are becoming more environmentally responsible tourists Someone famously said that “an elephant is a very hard thing to define, but if you see one coming down the street you know what it is”. It’s rather the same about sustainability, travel and tourism –… more
  • Forum

    Paving the way for electric cars

    Levi Tillemann addresses the challenges facing the electric car Electric cars are buzzing. Twice in two years, the Chevy Volt has edged out the Porsche 911 for highest customer satisfaction in Consumer Reports magazine. In 2011, the all-electric Nissan LEAF was named European Car of the Year. In… more
  • Global Agenda Councils

    Will biotechnology provide food security?

    According to David Lawrence, biotechnology, like all technologies, is not in itself good or bad. It’s what we do with it that decides The way we human beings behave can be strange. For at least 30 years I used to give talks which included a slide showing how population increase was reducing… more
  • Young Global Leaders

    Insetting: the future of climate change

    The climate market has the potential to grow from US$ 10 billion to US$ 500 billion in yearly revenues within 20 years, generating 500 million additional jobs worldwide, especially in poor, rural areas for small-scale farming families. This is achievable through what I call a process of “insetting… more
  • Global Agenda Councils

    Sustainable solutions from the sea?

    George Guo-Qiang Chen and Shrikumar Suryanarayan look to the planet’s oceans to provide the resources to produce and process the large quantities of biomass that will be needed for a sustainable future Industrial applications of biotechnology – the new “Bioeconomy” – hold out the promise… more
  • Global Agenda Councils

    How could biotechnology improve your life?

    Experts on the World Economic Forum’s Council on Biotechnology have selected 10 developments which they believe could help not only meet the rapidly growing demand for energy, food and healthcare, but also increase productivity and create new jobs, should issues such as regulatory certainty… more
  • Global Agenda Councils

    The top 10 emerging technologies for 2013

    Find out about the top 10 emerging technologies for 2014 here. New challenges need new technologies to tackle them. Here, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies identifies the top 10 most promising technology trends that can help to deliver sustainable growth in… more
  • Forum

    Will civil society lead the way?

     Peter Prove, Executive Director of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, addresses the future role of civil society The theme of this year’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, “Resilient Dynamism”, seems a bit of a contradiction in terms. But that contradiction is exactly the reality for… more