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  • A bee is covered with pollen as it sits on a blade of grass at a lawn in Klosterneubur Global Shapers Event

    Why entrepreneurs should think small, not big

    Conversations about innovation are everywhere: in magazines and newspapers, conference rooms and coffee shops. But… more

  • A school girl walks on a road covered with oil and soot at an industrial area in Mumbai Social Entrepreneurs Event

    How to build an entrepreneur

    The most striking aspect of working with impoverished women is how much they can teach you. Listen to them carefully… more

  • Row of 3D printers are seen during media preview for GE Garages in Washington Forum Article

    5 ways technology will disrupt business

    As I meet technology leaders in various parts of the world, it’s clear that a significant number of emerging… more

  • 15018928618_774ef7d7b7_z Forum Event

    Top 13 photographs from day two of #amnc14

    A selection of the top photographs taken during the second day of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2014 in… more

  • People practice yoga in Times Square as part of a Summer Solstice celebration in New York Forum Article

    How we can all build a healthier future

    We are at a seismic moment in two major ways: how nations care for their citizens’ health and how businesses invest… more

  • conference centre Global Agenda Councils Article

    China is already living in the future

    In Tianjin this month the World Economic Forum convened more than 1,900 of the world’s leaders in business, research… more

  • A drop of water falls from a melting piece of ice on Argentina’s Perito Moreno glacier near the city of El Calafate Global Shapers Article

    Fighting climate change, from Chennai to Zurich

    Young people will inherit whatever is left of the environment when today’s generation of consumers, workers and… more

  • Professor Oldhafer prepares for liver surgery with support of tablet computer at Asklepios Hospital Hamburg-Barmbek Forum Event

    Digital will tear apart healthcare – and rebuild it

    Imagine a time when a device alerts you to the onset of a disease in your body long before it’s a problem. Or when… more

  • The sun is about to come up over the South Pacific Ocean as seen from the International Space Station Young Global Leaders Article

    Can technology save the environment?

    In a world of 9 billion expected by 2050 – including 3 billion new middle-class consumers – the challenges of… more

  • Solar panels of local mining company CAP are seen in the Atacama Desert Social Entrepreneurs Event

    Three ways to make green bond financing better

    We are well on track to see the climate heat up by 6°C. This would be disastrous for humans, the environment and the… more

  • 15007432140_df63ac2990_z Forum Gallery

    Comets, coral and why art matters

    When I first released my immersive film Coral I tied it to an astronomical event, the Transit of Venus. This rare… more

  • Children touch the hands of the humanoid robot Roboy at the exhibition Robots on Tour in Zurich Global Shapers Event

    How can we stay smarter than machines?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the sum of many great human minds to apprehend the environment and make sound decisions… more