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    Why Brazil should open up to the world

    Despite a decade of rapid growth and falling poverty rates, Brazil has failed to match the global average for income… more

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    Are the BRICS starting to crumble?

    The original concept behind the BRIC acronym (which represents Brazil, Russia, India and China) was to identify the… more

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    Competitiveness World Cup: the results

    Overall, the World Economic Forum’s World Cup competitiveness head-to-heads correctly predicted the results of 34 out… more

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    Why economists should heed the lessons of history

    Historians tend to stress the particularities in history. Each event is unique, caused by a set of conditions that will… more

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    Why young people are key to tackling climate change

    “Inheritance” is a word often used when it comes to our responsibility to take care of the planet, but I don’t… more

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    How do you stop credit bubbles from bursting?

    Credit markets play an increasingly central role in modern economies. Within the OECD, for instance, domestic credit… more

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    Video: How can we feed a world of 9 billion?

    How can we produce enough food for the world’s burgeoning population without destroying the environment? In… more

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    How many women are in the 1%?

    In the debate about top incomes, one aspect has been strikingly missing: gender. When we talk about the top 1%, how… more

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    What is the secret of Germany’s success?

    Although another successful German football side may come as little surprise, their extra time victory over Argentina… more

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    This week's 17 must-read stories

    Must-read stories from this week 1. Five ways success will change by 2020. Technology hasn’t just disrupted… more

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    What if rich countries shut the door on immigration?

    Ian Goldin, Director of the Oxford Martin School, warns that a backlash against immigration would wreak havoc on… more

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    Inequality is rising. Or is it?

    Thomas Piketty has recently drawn worldwide attention with the proposition that the disparity between wage earners and… more