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    Going Back to School

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    An Olympic win for Saudi women

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    What if “whatever it takes” isn’t enough for the Euro?

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    Ideas for change: open source R&D

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    Creating a green economy in Tunisia

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    Can the WTO still change the rules of trade?

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    Social entrepreneurs at Harvard

    I was one of the lucky few Schwab social entrepreneurs at the Harvard's Executive Education Course this July. I was… more

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    Translating entrepreneurship into job creation in Tunisia

    Entrepreneurship drives innovation, economic growth, competitiveness and improves quality of life. Studies have… more

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    What’s so bad about protectionism?

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    Reforming Tunisia’s education sector

    The Tunisian education system follows a model adopted from the French, where technical and vocational skills are… more

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    The top five hacker headaches

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    Closing the Gender Gap in Silicon Valley – and Everywhere

    The media frenzy over the naming of YGL Marissa Mayer as CEO of Yahoo drew attention to the challenges women leaders… more