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    Bangladesh – The hidden tiger in the dragons’ shadow

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    Trading up to better relations with Pakistan

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    How can women promote India’s economic development?

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    Shaping digital media governance

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    Growth beyond numbers

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    Can India feed all its children?

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    How can India support small farmers?

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    Are non-communicable diseases taking aim at India?

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    Achieving good governance in India

    On Wednesday, 7 November, I will be moderating a session on Inclusive Governance: Enabling Capability… more

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    Obama gets a second chance

    Kemal Derviş, a former minister of economy in Turkey, administrator of the United Nations Development… more

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    Tragedy of the Commons

    India is gripped by a strange case of Tragedy of the Commons – a situation where individually… more

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    India – saving for growth

    The biggest concern for us in India is the recent sharp slowdown in the economy: GDP growth was 5.5% in… more