• Forum Event

    Employing the Future of the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia

    Finding work is one of the biggest challenges facing young people today. With rising education costs and no work for an… more

  • Global Shapers Article

    Trust and legitimacy: The Intel™ chip of societies?

    Around the world we are witnessing social contracts being redrafted or in many cases rewritten. Turn on the news and… more

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    No exit?

    The economic drama unfolding in Greece has an uncanny resemblance with Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist play, No… more

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    Food and nutrition security

    Global food and nutrition security must be a top priority for our world. But is this goal compatible with the move… more

  • Forum Event

    Turkey: A Middle East role model

    Today, the first-ever World Economic Forum on the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia commences in Istanbul under the… more

  • Forum Event

    Finding Global Happiness

    I am happy to be participating in the World Economic Forum on the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia, which I’m… more

  • Forum Event

    The Talent Ecosystem in the Human Age

    In advance of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia, Françoise Gri discusses the need… more

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    Finding the Key to Resolve the Middle East-North Africa Job Crisis

    As a Young Global Leader, I am fortunate to be participating in a number of meaningful sessions and workshops at the… more

  • Social Entrepreneurs Article

    Ensuring child-safe tourism in Asia

    Panel discussions go by fast and you don’t often have the chance of saying all you want to say. So, I’d like to… more

  • Young Global Leaders Article

    The Blossoming of Doi Tung

    Twenty years ago, remote region of Doi Tung was the most active place for the drug trade within the Burma/Thailand/Laos… more

  • Forum Event

    What’s connectivity without power?

    I had an interesting conversation today with Roberto Bocca and Busba Wongnapapisan of the Forum’s Energy Industry… more

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    Shaping Japan’s new tomorrow

    As Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, we have the ability to observe local and global issues on the ground. As… more