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    India at Davos 2014

    India goes to Davos this year with a renewed sense of purpose. The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2014 with… more

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    Europe’s top 10 most competitive economies

    Six European countries feature in the top 10 – with others in the top 20 – of the global rankings in the World… more

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    'Dull and old' economies to lead global growth in 2014

    The good news is that global growth will accelerate in 2014, and the world economy will finally shrug off its two-year… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Event

    The future of the EU means muddling through

    The European Union (EU) is changing, fundamentally so. But many people are missing these developments because they are… more

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    Why digital holds the key to corporate growth

    As companies become more optimistic about their prospects in the years ahead, they still face the challenge of managing… more

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    Funding tomorrow’s infrastructure

    The question of how to build and finance the world’s physical infrastructure – upon which global economic progress… more

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    Five things on the Millennial wish list

    Quantifying the Millennial zeitgeist has captivated academics and the media alike. And yet, despite the extensive… more

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    Don’t bet on coal and oil growth

    A mind-boggling sum of about US$ 800 for each person on the planet is invested into fossil fuel companies through the… more

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    Hassan Rouhani: 10 quotes on the future of Iran

    Below are ten key quotes from Hassan Rouhani’s Special Message to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in… more

  • Young Global Leaders Event

    Unite for Syria: If not us, who?

    Syria, my country, and the cradle of some of the world’s oldest civilizations, has become a byword for despair to… more

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    Australia's vision for the G20

    Despite the slow recovery from the Global Financial Crisis, the world is in a better place than we often believe. As… more

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    Business must help young people to find jobs

    Imagine a country where no one can find a job and everyone is younger than 25. This country, which exists as a… more