Global Agenda Council : Catastrophic Risks

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    Can nature help us solve risk management issues?

    William H. Saito, President and Chief Executive Officer of InTecur, explains how nature is the best… more

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    Ideas @Davos: Dealing with disasters

    It’s human nature not to want to think about risk until the earthquake hits, warns Satoru Nishikawa. … more

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    What if a disaster on the scale of the Haiti earthquake happened...

    Ahead of the three-year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake on January 12, Baroness Valerie Amos… more

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    The risks of climate change – a view from Chile

    Catastrophic risks are defined as events with a low probability but a big economic and social… more

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    What if there was a catastrophic volcanic eruption?

    Satoru Nishikawa asks if we are prepared for the ash clouds and climate change that would follow a… more