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  • Lightning strikes over buildings during heavy rainfall in Kunshan Global Agenda Councils Article

    2015: The year of storms?

    Extreme weather events are a major consequence of climate change, and are becoming more frequent, powerful… more


    How pollution is threatening our world

    The industrialization of the developing world is creating unsustainable pollution levels. The solution requires a… more

  • A member of the European Parliament votes during a voting session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg Global Agenda Councils Article

    What’s gone wrong with democracy?

    Since the global economy crashed in 2008, there has been an erosion of trust in political institutions and… more


    2015: the year geopolitics bites back?

    In the years following the Cold War, the prevailing view was that the world had moved towards a… more

  • A man walks on an illuminated walkway in Tokyo Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why the world in 2015 faces a leadership crisis

    A startling 86% of respondents to the Survey on the Global Agenda agree that we have a leadership crisis in… more

  • Students look over their notes before testing and interviews for work readiness training at the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce Global Agenda Councils Article

    Will 2015 be the year of jobless growth?

    The term ‘persistent jobless growth’ refers to the phenomenon in which economies exiting recessions… more

  • A labourer has his dinner under his shed at a construction site of a residential complex in Hefei Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why inequality is 2015’s most worrying trend

    Inequality is one of the key challenges of our time. Income inequality specifically is one of the most… more

  • People climb the stairs of the Apple store in New York Global Agenda Councils Article

    Top 10 trends for the world in 2015

    In the coming year, we face a number of diverse and significant challenges: growing income inequality… more

  • Man talks on a mobile phone near the Pudong financial district in Shanghai Global Agenda Councils Article

    When will China overtake the US?

    The World Bank recently announced that China’s economy will surpass that of the United States this… more

  • womanoffice1-628×330 Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why everyone benefits from closing the gender gap

    Christine Lagarde, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director, recently… more

  • corruption and globalization Global Agenda Councils Article

    Has globalization made corruption worse?

    Leaders today, regardless of whether they work in the public or private sector, face no shortage of… more

  • A woman works at the General Company for Leather Industry in Baghdad Global Agenda Councils Article

    Four ways businesses can help to build peace

    The 9/11 al Qaeda attack on the World Trade Centre twin towers – soaring symbols of development and… more

  • Workers install photovoltaic solar panels at the Gujarat solar park under construction in Charanka village Global Agenda Councils Article

    Can solar solve India’s energy woes?

    Solar power emerged as a politically attractive panacea to India’s energy woes during… more

  • A man carries an inflatable earth balloon along West 72nd Street during the People’s Climate March in New York Global Agenda Councils Article

    How can we reboot globalization?

    Globalization, as many have recently noted, is in retreat. Despite all of its undeniable benefits, it has… more

  • A bee flies on a mustard field in front of the cooling towers of the Temelin nuclear power plant near Tyn nad Vltavou Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why business needs to obey the laws of nature

    “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” Bob Dylan famously sang. You don’t… more

  • NASA handout of astronaut Hopkins, participating in the second of two spacewalks Global Agenda Councils Article

    Are we entering a new era in space innovation?

    Many of us born in the space era grew up with high expectations of what the future would hold. We… more

  • People walk in a park along the Hudson River across from the skyline of New York’s Lower Manhattan Global Agenda Councils Article

    How can governments help make cities smarter?

    Our planet is urbanizing at a staggering rate: today, more than half the world’s population lives in… more

  • A boy receives humanitarian aid in Duma Global Agenda Councils Article

    How businesses can improve humanitarian aid

    Imagine waking up to water pouring into your home, lapping up against your bed.  You stumble outside to see… more