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  • A man shakes hands with a humanoid robot during the International Conference on Humanoid Robots in Madrid Global Agenda Councils Article

    5 questions to ask about emerging technologies

    In a few years manufacturing and resource exploitation might be highly localized, services… more

  • Volunteers of German army Bundeswehr, wearing protective suits, are seen during an Ebola training session at the Marseille barracks in Appen Global Agenda Councils Article

    5 ways to help stop Ebola

    It will take a vast and complex global coalition to defeat the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, and the… more


    Corruption is a first world problem, too

    After years of debate and effort, the fight against corruption is beginning to overcome its perception… more

  • Gloved hands of army nurse seen during demonstration of an isolation chamber at Bundeswehr Clinc in Koblenz Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why travel bans will not stop the spread of Ebola

    Around the world, international migration from countries in West Africa affected by the Ebola crisis is… more

  • RTR1ZUP4 Global Agenda Councils Article

    A new way to harness the power of the sun

    Transforming into a society that is driven by sustainable energy rather than fossil… more

  • To match feature CLIMATE-GLACIERS/ Global Agenda Councils Article

    Three reasons we’re running out of water

    How do we explain the fact that while only 43% of the world’s population can turn on a tap at home… more

  • An aerial view of Atlantis hotel is seen with The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai Global Agenda Councils Article

    Is the rise of Dubai and Abu Dhabi sustainable?

    The economic success that the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have achieved over the past two decades has… more

  • Fish swim past a reef in the Red Sea in Dahab Global Agenda Councils Article

    Four ways to protect the oceans while boosting growth

    “Blue growth” is fast becoming a fashionable term. Drawing on the concept of green growth, which… more

  • People walk in front of the skyline after a rain storm in Toronto Global Agenda Councils Article

    Running cities: the rise of a $3 trillion industry

    Consider an industry that has annual revenues of $1.8 trillion (as of 2011) in the United States alone –… more

  • A woman walks with her greyhound dogs along a path in the Durand forest near the French border to Switzerland in Ferney Voltaire Global Agenda Councils Article

    Logging off: is the end of deforestation in sight?

    Forests are essential. And not just to help prevent climate change, but for life. Worldwide, 1.6… more

  • RTR1P90V-628×330 Global Agenda Councils Article

    How the world lost faith in leadership

    A fundamental lack of confidence in global leadership is posing a serious challenge to prospects for… more

  • A Businessman is silhouetted as he stands under the Arche de la Defense in the financial district west of Paris Global Agenda Councils Article

    What does the world look for in a good leader?

    For decades, the United States military has prepared its future officers for the chaos of the battlefield… more

  • An illustration picture shows a projection of binary code including cyrillic words onto a man Global Agenda Councils Article

    What will the future of the internet look like?

    The internet has infiltrated almost every corner of society, transforming our lives in the process. Over… more

  • RTR3WXVP Global Agenda Councils Article

    What will work look like in 50 years?

    Voltaire once claimed that “work saves us from three great evils: boredom, vice and need.” A few years… more

  • Students take notes from their iPads at the Steve Jobs school in Sneek Global Agenda Councils Article

    Five key debates for the future of education

    How do we best educate the students of tomorrow? What we teach our children – and how we teach them –… more

  • Nuclear power plant Gundremmingen is pictured next to flowering meadow Global Agenda Councils Article

    Can nuclear energy fuel our future?

    Demand for electricity in the emerging economies is growing very strongly – between… more

  • A hammerhead shark swims close to Wolf Island at Galapagos Marine Reserve Global Agenda Councils Article

    Deep sea mining: the new frontier in the struggle for resources?

    The global demand for natural resources continues to grow. As land-based sources decline, corporate and… more

  • Tourists on Kuta beach in Bali. Global Agenda Councils Article

    Three key questions for the future of public finance

    In the wake of the great recession, public finance remains high on the global policy agenda, with fiscal… more