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    Five ways success will look different by 2020

    What does it mean to be successful? The answer used to be obvious: a regular paycheck from a reputable employer. But… more

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    Is Mexico really the world's happiest country?

    Economists have long known that GDP is an imperfect measure of well-being. In addition to missing non-market… more

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    What can we do about climate sceptics?

    “Climate change is nonsense.” When De Telegraaf – the largest newspaper of the Netherlands – asked its… more

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    What Elliott vs Argentina means for global debt markets

    As Argentina prepares to face the Netherlands for a place in the World Cup final, off the pitch the country has been… more

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    How the 'aspirationals' are changing the world

    Solutions to some of our intractable global challenges could be found in 2.5 billion empowered, young and urban… more

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    This week at the World Economic Forum: July 4

    Grüezi mitenand! Happy Independence Day to our American colleagues, and welcome to your weekly digital update. Most… more

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    How can we make our cities carbon-free?

    The future of the world’s climate will be decided in our cities. Urban areas already account for up to 70% of global… more

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    How companies should deal with data leaks

    Cyber security is becoming more prominent in both the public and private sectors, yet there is still a great deal of… more

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    What can two crows and a skull tell us about the economy?

    Outside my window there are three trees, two poplars and a small fruit tree. Right now, two crows are flitting from… more

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    Why the world is not as secular as you think

    In the contemporary Western world, people tend to believe that religion is on the decline and that faith in a higher… more

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    Has globalization peaked?

    The common presumption is that it will spread, but I find this question not so easy to answer. Let’s say this is over… more

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    The world’s Central Banker

    The US Federal Reserve these days is broadly happy with its monetary policy. But, since mid-2007, its policy has been… more