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  • A man walks past buildings at the central business district of Singapore Forum Article

    How economic models can be improved

    The recent financial crisis of 2007-09 (the so-called ‘Great Recession’) uncovered the difficulties… more

  • Police patrol with a dog at Beijing International Airport days after the Beijing-bound Malaysian jetliner went missing Forum Article

    A new way to spot danger at airports

    International airports are a busy place to be. Nearly 200,000 passengers pass through London Heathrow… more

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    How China is rebalancing its economy

    In economic policy, as in most other areas, actions speak louder than words. By cutting its benchmark… more

  • A sea lion swims near the Palomino islands Forum Article

    Using technology to solve a natural mystery

    A decade ago, we set out to unravel deep ocean crime scenes we weren’t even sure existed. The crime… more

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    6 things you should never say in a job interview

    Believe it or not, it only takes one sentence to turn a great interview into a lost employment opportunity. … more

  • A man works in a rice field near the Thilawa economic zone outside Yangon Forum Article

    Why is the price of rice so volatile?

    There are many kinds of rice and one of the most popular varieties in Myanmar is called Emata. This word… more

  • Participants from government ministries and agencies take part in the CYDER in Tokyo Forum Article

    Public sector wages: what’s the right level?

    After the Global Crisis, some European countries reduced their public sector wages to ensure fiscal… more

  • Nurses carry a patient at a public hospital in Recife City Forum Article

    How Brazil can make healthcare more efficient

    “We need to encourage people to work together, starting from the youngest members of the sector… more

  • Pharmaceutical tablets and capsules in blister packs are arranged on table in illustration picture in Ljubljana Forum Article

    How to get new drugs launched faster

    Lovastatin, a first-in-class blockbuster cholesterol drug, became commercially… more

  • Illustration file picture shows a man typing on a computer keyboard in Warsaw Forum Article

    Does big data challenge discrimination laws?

    Staff recruitment and retention are an ongoing challenge for employers. Proponents of big… more

  • rtr2mxcx1-628x330 Forum Article

    Why Europe needs Germany’s help

    Germany’s stance toward Europe has become one of rejection and disengagement. Its policymakers deny… more

  • A sensor is seen spinning atop a Google self-driving vehicle before a presentation at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California Forum Article

    How self-driving cars can reduce congestion

    If cars with drivers still suffer under gridlock conditions on roads, how will driverless cars fare any… more