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    Can equality be taught in schools?

    Inequality and discrimination are universal concerns. We are constantly witnessing violations of individual or group… more

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    Seven ways cities around the world are tackling traffic

    Cities that are experiencing rapid growth face a variety of challenges, as they expand and become increasingly complex… more

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    Why America is still on top

    The recent creation of a new international development bank by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – the… more

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    Why it pays for businesses to boost sustainability

    In recent weeks, Samsung suspended its operations with a key supplier in China because of allegations of child labour… more

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    Why the world needs a new reserve currency

    It is symbolic that the recent BRICS summit in Fortaleza, Brazil, took place exactly seven decades after the Bretton… more

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    Can sending money home spur economic growth?

    The goals of the post-2015 development agenda cannot be achieved without strong programs and adequate funding. Official… more

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    Girls are speaking up: we must listen

    Demonstrations around the world were held last week to mark the 100th day of captivity for more than 200 Nigerian… more

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    Don't give up on free trade

    Adair Turner, former chairman of the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority and senior fellow of the The… more

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    Water Aid and the charitable spirit of Islam

    The recently launched UAE Water Aid campaign is aiming to assist 5 million people in desperate need of clean water… more

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    Interview: Elif Shafak on women and fiction – podcast

    Welcome to our new podcast series, Inside the Creative Mind, featuring in-depth interviews with leading cultural figure… more

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    Are we entering a new age of insecurity?

    Summer is normally a time to take a break from the risks and worries of everyday life, and perhaps to take stock of… more

  • Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why raw materials are a dangerous distraction

    Poor countries export raw materials such as cocoa, iron ore, and raw diamonds. Rich countries export – often to those… more