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  • Soldiers of the Eurocorps hold the European flag during a ceremony in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg Forum Article

    Should Europe play a greater role in the world?

    The chaotic consequences of the gradual disintegration of Pax Americana are becoming increasingly clear. For seven… more

  • People are reflected on an electronic board displaying Japan's Nikkei average outside a brokerage in Tokyo Forum Article

    What do China and the US tell us about inequality?

    Rising income and wealth inequality in many countries around the world has been a long-term trend for three decades… more

  • Electronic board shows the Nikkei share average and the Japanese yen’s exchange rate against the U.S. dollar at the TSE in Tokyo Forum Article

    Which investors are best for emerging markets?

    The investor base matters since different investors behave differently. During the emerging market sell-off episodes in… more

  • RTR3MBIJ Forum Article

    Everyone has a stake in the future of the internet

    Those of us who participated in the NETmundial conference in Brazil last April were pleasantly surprised by how… more

  • Registered Nurse Rebecca Moak poses for a photo in trauma center of the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi Forum Article

    Lessons from China on universal healthcare

    Subsidized health insurance is unlikely to lead to Universal Health Coverage (UHC); insurance coverage doesn’t always… more

  • Migrants yell slogans as they hold up flags from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, during a march in Mexico City Global Agenda Councils Article

    Three ways to lead for the common good

    In 2013 at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, the Global Agenda Council on Values held a series of… more

  • Students attend a lesson at a public school in Gudele, on the outskirts of South Sudan’s capital Juba Forum Article

    We cannot improve the world from the top down

    The World Economic Forum is dedicated to improving the world. We cannot improve our world top down. Our New Social… more

  • A volunteer from an association known as the “Auberge des Migrants” holds the hand of an Erythrean migrant as he queue for a daily food distribution near the city hall in Calais Global Agenda Councils Article

    How do we define the values that guide us?

    At the 2013 Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, the Global Agenda Council on Values released a document… more

  • A boy draped with a Brazilian flag and a girl from Uruguay watch a soccer match between children from Chile and Uruguay during the “Street Soccer World Cup” in Sao Paulo Forum Article

    Four ways to boost Brazil’s growth

    After years of impressive growth, Brazil’s economic prospects appear increasingly dim. Since the World Cup ended in… more

  • File photo of a sign for Bank Street and high rise offices in the financial district Canary Wharf in London Forum Article

    The challenge of regulating Europe’s banks

    The well-publicized troubles of Portugal’s Banco Espírito Santo this summer have reminded us that the Eurozone’s… more

  • Picture shows wires at back of super computer at Konrad-Zuse Centre for applied mathematics and computer science in Berlin Technology Pioneers Article

    You’re already building the future of big data

    The invention of the internet introduced the world to information sharing. Email, bulletin boards, Listserv, FTP and… more

  • Woman walks past graffiti on a wall in Erbeen, in the eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus Global Agenda Councils Article

    Why we need a better understanding of Syria

    How did we fail Jim Foley? We failed him by forgetting about his case, by letting Syria’s story fade into oblivion… more